It’s official, we have it in black and white…

We got the written report back from the neuropsychologist on Friday, and on it the words “SELECTIVE MUTISM” is on it under the diagnosis “neurodevelopmental delay with limbic mood dysregulation”.

This is how it is worded – that interrelates the SPD, the attention issues, and selective mutism:

Marked inattention characterized by overexcitation-overinhibition of sensory stimuli is evidenced resulting in heightened sensory sensitivity. This resulted in (among other things related to attention and auditory memory):

* heightened separation anxiety/generalized anxiety, which impeded social fluency. At other times, fluency of interaction was very age appropriate and fluent.

* SELECTIVE MUTISM was evidenced and highly related to heightened anxiety/startle.

I know this all sounds “bad” but really, in addition to all that, she scored in some areas as high as an 8 year old, and really, if she didn’t have the selective mutism give her problems, I am sure it would have been higher.

Her auditory language comprehension on the Preschool Language Scale-4 was at the 95th percentile which was 6 years, 3 months (remember, she’s only 4.5), and her expressive language (she did speak after about an hour with the speech language pathologist), was still high at 5 years, 5 months. But given the fact that it was a 17 point drop from the receptive language to the expressive language (where typically there is only a 1-2 point difference in non-LD children).

The neuropsychologist gave us a long list of recommendations. It’s completely overwhelming, but at least we have a lot to go on.


I have already begun the long laborious process of educating myself in the articles on the Selective online library about the IDEA, IEPs and all that other fun legal stuff.

I have already dropped off a letter to the Preschool Special Education Cooperative in my area to continue keeping my daughter’s file open and get us an appointment as soon as possible, and I will drop off a copy of the report. Not that I have great faith that they will be able to give us the services we need (because the state’s tend to not want to pay for what they don’t have to), but it will help ensure we get the IEP she may need when she goes to kindergarten if she isn’t speaking in school by then.

And in the meantime, we have a lot of decisions to make regarding therapy for her. A lot of it probably will not be covered under our insurance, since they covered only $160 of the first $1400 of the neuropsychologist bill. I’m very unhappy about that, but at least we know what is going on. Hopefully the actual therapy won’t cost as much as the actual evaluation. But at any case, we will do as much of it as possible.

I hope other parents of SM children find my little blog and get some useful information. I want to help anyone I can while I’m trying to process all this information we are getting.

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