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Update on the formerly selectively mute daughter

She’s 12 now, my bright, spirited, formerly selectively mute child.  She was formally diagnosed in May of 2008 and I wrote about her journey here.  And this was what I said about her official diagnosis in one of those posts: … Continue reading

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For teenagers and adults with Selective Mutism

For the longest time, there weren’t any resources available for selectively mute teenagers and adults.  Fortunately most of my readership finds my blog when their children are very young – from about 3 to about 9 or so.   This … Continue reading

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Interesting selective mutism documentary.

As a parent of an SM child knows, this isn’t a condition that a child has control over.  It’s not a condition any parent would want for their child, and there’s a huge concern that without intervention, the SM anxiety-driven … Continue reading

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Notes on preschools and IEP accommodation for SM kids.

A short update:  My now 12 year old formerly SM child has 18 lines (18!) of dialogue in the school play she tried out for this year in middle school.  She’s beyond thrilled!  And so is this mama!   As many … Continue reading

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Coming out of a long hiatus

I wanted to apologize to my readers for my long absence.  Especially for those reaching out about selective mutism. 2015 was a year of many, many difficult and rather alarming changes for the smart girls and I. I’d re-entered the … Continue reading

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One daughter’s SM success story

I wanted to share this email I’d received from a mother whose eldest daughter had presented with selective mutism and the efforts she made not only to help her daughter, but to help other children with selective mutism.  I rarely … Continue reading

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It’s hard to believe this is the same child who had S.M.

I wanted to share an update with my formerly selectively mute child.  Last month, she participated in an opera at school (The Barber of Seville).  She performed on the school stage in front of the third grade parents. That’s K, … Continue reading

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Why it’s so important for parents to learn how to emotionally self-regulate.

If there is nothing else I can teach my daughters before I leave this world, it’s how to emotionally self-regulate.  I have to admit, it’s been hard. I have complex-PTSD from childhood emotional neglect and abuse (I was ignored until … Continue reading

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Did what we do for my daughter help her selective mutism?

I have recently had a comment by one of my readers who asked me about “whether treatment given to your child has helped her or not?” Well, you can read about what treatment she did receive by clicking on Our … Continue reading

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New school year for the smart girls

It’s been a very long while since I posted last, but now that the school year has started again, I wanted to start posting again.   The summer was quite busy and filled with softball for the girls. In this photo, … Continue reading

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