Video Montage

These are the posts that contain YouTube clips of my favorite music and movies/tv. They are funny and inspiring to me. I am putting them here so I can find them easily.

Check back for updates.

Warning: some of these are delightfully geeky.

Smart People On Ice (Real Genius)

A Glorious Dawn (Carl Sagan/Stephen Hawking “music video”).

The Big Bang Theory

Telsa (Nicola, not the 80’s rock band)

The IT Crowd

The Soundtrack of my Life

Family Guy Star Wars Clip

Family Guy Star Trek Next Generation Clip

(Tell me Seth McFarlane does NOT look like Christopher Knight – aka Peter from the Brady Bunch).

Fight Club Where is My Mind

Ever After – Deliver Me

Grow Old With You (The Wedding Singer)

Song to the Moon (Dvorak Rusalka) Check out what Up2 Random Thoughts has said about this piece.

You are a Pirate Meme


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