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I debated where to put this post…whether on this blog or my other blog, The Sprightly Writer.    I decided, since it was mostly about me and writing/creating and well, moodiness, and to a lesser degree about the smart girls, I … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo update.

7 days into NaNoWriMo. 19 pages and 8,363 words in. 3306 words ‘behind’ schedule. Oh well. I write for a while, take too long of a break for research, sometimes goofing off in the process. I got behind because yesterday … Continue reading

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The compulsion to write

Arriving early at my therapy session today, I sat in an armchair of the waiting room and picked up one of the Newsweek magazines that caught my eye. It was the August 9, 2010 Books issue with a photograph of … Continue reading

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The journey continues.

I’ve been stuck in awareness but no growth, hung suspended in time, grappling with the past and the impact on my present. I have had MANY revelations as to why I’m stuck. Stumbling on the concept that I probably have … Continue reading

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There’s that faith thing again

Just when I think that I can not resolve some of my lack of deep conviction in the existence of God, because I’m too rational, too analytical, too scientific, a friend of mine tells me he was reading Miguel de … Continue reading

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Too bad I can’t thank J.D. Salinger now that he’s dead

There’s that old synchronicity again… I recently shared some of my angst-riddled stream of consciousness writings (from when I was a confused 19 year old with a broken heart and a troubled mind) with my friend B last week, in … Continue reading

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Let’s keep in touch – really

I wrote this on a message board just last night, on a 7 page thread about losing friends over the years. I kind of had an epiphany in yesterday, especially after calling up two college friends that are 4-12 hours … Continue reading

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Why *do* I write?

I’ve been inspired (as I have before) to write a post regarding the reasons behind Why do I write from Joanna at Wisdom Within, Ink. Why does she write? What I know is I was born to put words down … Continue reading

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New and improved experiment format

So…. In keeping with my wishes of the previous post, I tried out a brand new, 3-part experiment for my other blog about Exploring Density and Charles’ Law Using Ivory Soap. I made it very user-friendly by creating a printable … Continue reading

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Fitting in is hard to do, or is it?

A good laugh is hard to come by.  So is fitting in. Well, for me it always has. If you could go back about 10 years, I was sitting in the Dos Hermanos bar at the bottom of the Sears … Continue reading

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