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Surviving Parent Burnout

Some of my regular readers may have noticed a dearth of posts this past month or so.  I have been experiencing a major burnout due to holiday, marital and child stresses.  I have taken a few months break from my … Continue reading

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Well, things are looking up.

Some good things have happened in the past few days. 1.  I was not rejected for the microbiology job I interviewed last December for the reasons I thought.  I got a phone call from the original woman who called me … Continue reading

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Trauma resources

I am about a month and a half shy of my 40th birthday.  The week prior to this day the girls had 7 meltdowns (I counted) and my husband had a full blown panic attack (his first) that I helped … Continue reading

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And there’s that synchronicity thing again.

After I verbalized my frustrations in the previous two posts, I went to a garage sale yesterday after picking up middle daughter from kindergarten and I found a very interesting book called The Good Enough Child: How to Have an … Continue reading

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There’s that faith thing again

Just when I think that I can not resolve some of my lack of deep conviction in the existence of God, because I’m too rational, too analytical, too scientific, a friend of mine tells me he was reading Miguel de … Continue reading

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I like old people…they have the best stories.

The two younger girls and I spent time in the park today. We met a few of my 6 year old’s friends and their mothers at the park today. One of the girls from my daughter’s class was brought to … Continue reading

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