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10 Basic Good Mother Messages

I’ve been a mother for 1o.5 years now.  And I need constant reminders about what is good fertilizer to grow children.  I know, so sad, right?  But it’s true. I have read in so many places regarding healing from childhood … Continue reading

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Relationship advice to give smart girls

I have a confession.  I really don’t know how to raise smart teenaged girls. I have been filled with no small amount of anxiety over my daughters’ future fates – the burning questions I have is:  Will my daughters find … Continue reading

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Accomodating the smart girls

I looked at my stats this morning and saw that I had 165 reads and 20 of them came from one google search term – ” Raising Smart Girls “. I wonder what people come here looking for and if … Continue reading

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Understanding Psychomotor Overexcitabilities in the Gifted Child

As I dropped off my two older daughters at school today, I gazed at my middle daughter in the rear-view mirror and contemplated her for a moment. She was chattering about something and looked over at me and smiled. I … Continue reading

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They are starting to know they are very smart.

Well, since this is a blog about Raising Smart Girls, I ought to talk about them a little more… My second grade daughter, M and my kindergartener daughter K, are already starting to get some idea that they are very … Continue reading

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Is this really what mothers want for their daughters?

I’m reprinting one of my older posts because I’m fresh out of new material and now that I actually have a readership, I’d be interested in feedback about it. This was written when my daughter was in Kindergarten. She’s now … Continue reading

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If you can’t do, teach

I know I feel sad and have talked about it quite in length about not working in the science field, but staying at home does have it’s advantages, I must say. These are some of the cool things we’ve done: … Continue reading

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What the smart girls are doing now…

My girls are just so much fun to be around: I posted on my other blog what they are up to lately. They are just smart girls and I love what they do for fun. They love learning all the … Continue reading

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What I want for my girls…and why it’s difficult to achieve it.

I have realized I have a certain vision I have in mind for how I want to raise my girls. I was responding to a post on forum and realized as I was writing, it became clear to me … Continue reading

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Updates on the smart girls…

I occasionally get insomnia. It’s mostly annoying, because I really crave sleep – especially with having 3 closely spaced still relatively young children (3.5, 5 and 6.5). But occasionally, it is a good reason to get up and blog. I … Continue reading

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