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Dumbing down is not an option

Yeah, I know I should be organizing my house.  I’m really feeling run down with the cold I contracted from my daughter.  So I am resting and nursing my health and blogging instead. *** I’ve wasted no small amount of … Continue reading

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Wow, nine days without a post. Crazy, but true. My grandmother died (I’ll talk about that after the funeral on Tuesday, I think). I read. And ruminated. I wrote in my journal. And corresponded with friends. And ruminated some more. … Continue reading

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Sorry about the mess

Okay…let’s put this in perspective… That last post…truly, not really nice on my part. I love people.  Really, really. No, people don’t have to be smart to be my friend.  Everybody has something they are good at.  I want to … Continue reading


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Tough lesson to learn…

I think I have pretty much decided that there is something I am supposed to be learning here that I can not learn as long as I keep trying to make friends. I’m actually not depressed or frustrated.  This isn’t … Continue reading

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This other me…this other life

A metamorphic process is underway in me.   It’s something that began 6 years ago…when I stepped out of the treadmill of conventional service-for-pay employment. I’ve been engaged in some online conversation about finding meaningful work when you have many gifts/talents … Continue reading

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The journey continues.

I’ve been stuck in awareness but no growth, hung suspended in time, grappling with the past and the impact on my present. I have had MANY revelations as to why I’m stuck. Stumbling on the concept that I probably have … Continue reading

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Well, things are looking up.

Some good things have happened in the past few days. 1.  I was not rejected for the microbiology job I interviewed last December for the reasons I thought.  I got a phone call from the original woman who called me … Continue reading

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Is hyper-intensity without a focus like a rebel without a cause?

I am struggling again, this time very acutely and need to find a focus – that direction at which I could channel all my creative energy and intensity which is now currently diffuse and ephemeral.  I am trying to apply … Continue reading

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So maybe I underestimate the value of play dates

My daughter K was invited to a play date today at a friend’s house from school.  I dropped her off at the girls house and had to run to take youngest daughter E to her kindergarten screening test. I don’t … Continue reading

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Too bad I can’t thank J.D. Salinger now that he’s dead

There’s that old synchronicity again… I recently shared some of my angst-riddled stream of consciousness writings (from when I was a confused 19 year old with a broken heart and a troubled mind) with my friend B last week, in … Continue reading

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