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I’ve often wondered lately if I am on a bit of a self-destructive path of late and not entirely sure I haven’t gone off the deep end but haven’t yet acknowledged it to myself. Something is keeping me stuck and … Continue reading

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On the health concerns

I did go to my doctor yesterday to talk about my thyroid ultrasound results in person. I found out that: 1) the endocrinologist said the nodule appeared like the “good” kind not the “bad” kind. Um…okay…I’m still not waiting 3 … Continue reading


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It’s a question of faith…

Things are going to take a slightly different tone in my blog. I found out yesterday from my dear friend A that she had the same thing I had two years ago, a nodule on her thyroid and it was … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve got my answer

I had concerns that I have thryoid disease. My mother has it, one of my older sister has it, my youngest sister has it. I’ve been so worried that the swelling in my neck was due to thyroid disease too. … Continue reading

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