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Dumbing down is not an option

Yeah, I know I should be organizing my house.  I’m really feeling run down with the cold I contracted from my daughter.  So I am resting and nursing my health and blogging instead. *** I’ve wasted no small amount of … Continue reading

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I am blessed by Paulo Coelho’s writings

I don’t think I have ever been so consistently touched by someone’s writings as I have with Paulo Coelho. I have read Veronika Decides to Die, Eleven Minutes, and am working my way through The Zahir, The Alchemist and Warrior … Continue reading

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Trauma resources

I am about a month and a half shy of my 40th birthday.  The week prior to this day the girls had 7 meltdowns (I counted) and my husband had a full blown panic attack (his first) that I helped … Continue reading

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There’s that faith thing again

Just when I think that I can not resolve some of my lack of deep conviction in the existence of God, because I’m too rational, too analytical, too scientific, a friend of mine tells me he was reading Miguel de … Continue reading

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Growing closer

Mr.  RSG and I decided to attend church on Easter Sunday with the girls. It’s been years since we actually went to church on a holiday. There are people who go to church ONLY on the big holidays – like … Continue reading

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I like old people…they have the best stories.

The two younger girls and I spent time in the park today. We met a few of my 6 year old’s friends and their mothers at the park today. One of the girls from my daughter’s class was brought to … Continue reading

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The truth is unteachable?

This comment comment by Stephanie on my post Does anyone speak the truth? who wrote something that moved me incredibly. In particular, it was these parts from her comment that I want to highlight: Your problem is not that God … Continue reading

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Does anyone speak the truth?

I really want to know. Seriously. God…if you exist…point me in the direction you want me to go. Most of your humans are liars and I don’t know who to trust. I’m in a church right now that is fun, … Continue reading

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On the health concerns

I did go to my doctor yesterday to talk about my thyroid ultrasound results in person. I found out that: 1) the endocrinologist said the nodule appeared like the “good” kind not the “bad” kind. Um…okay…I’m still not waiting 3 … Continue reading

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It’s a question of faith…

Things are going to take a slightly different tone in my blog. I found out yesterday from my dear friend A that she had the same thing I had two years ago, a nodule on her thyroid and it was … Continue reading

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