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The cost of enriching a child’s education

I’m just curious.  How much money would you spend on enriching your child’s summer with educational summer time experiences? A few years back, I was able to enroll my daughters into a free day camp for a week at an … Continue reading

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Living History – Civil War Days.

Yesterday, we attended a local historical re-enactment of the Civil War period.  We have gone the past three years and I asked the girls if they still wanted to go this year, and it was a unanimous yes! I’m glad, … Continue reading

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Being the change

I had to chuckle on Friday, when I got a phone call to substitute teach for the high school.  The substitute caller switched my assignment to from 4th grade to high school.  I was a little nervous about teaching at … Continue reading

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An interview with author Susan Casey on Kids Inventing!

I was contacted not to long ago by the Provato marketing firm that an author was interested in being interviewed for the Raising Smart Girls blog.  I was both honored and very, very pleased when I found out about what … Continue reading

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It’s official, I’m now the mom of a gifted child.

Well, technically, I’ve ALWAYS been the mom of a gifted child (well, at least one and probably more), only now the school recognizes it too. So much has happened since I last posted.  So much.  So entirely much. I have … Continue reading

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Fabulous TED Talks About Creativity and Education from Sir Ken Robinson

If you haven’t seen these videos from Sir Ken Robinson, I highly recommend that you do.  I saw his recent book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything at the bookstore yesterday and…I passed on it.  I actually inwardly … Continue reading

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Studying gifted issues.

I thought I’d update for those interested… I’m not posting as much on this blog because I’m engaging in educating myself on gifted issues and Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration. I hope to come up with a few post topics … Continue reading

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So…the girls can’t wait for school to start.

8 more days until school starts. They changed the registration to an online process, rather than in person at the school gym (which was always crowded and chaotic and time-consuming).  The great thing about that is that I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Accomodating the smart girls

I looked at my stats this morning and saw that I had 165 reads and 20 of them came from one google search term – ” Raising Smart Girls “. I wonder what people come here looking for and if … Continue reading

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The results are in.

All day today I had wondered if E was going to get picked for all day kindergarten. I wasn’t too terribly worried, already having made up my mind to accept whatever the results would be. If she got half day, … Continue reading

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