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Coming out of a long hiatus

I wanted to apologize to my readers for my long absence.  Especially for those reaching out about selective mutism. 2015 was a year of many, many difficult and rather alarming changes for the smart girls and I. I’d re-entered the … Continue reading

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Forensic Mom

It’s been so long since I worked in forensic DNA, but I do keep up to date.  Occasionally I get to give lectures to schools.  I gave one lecture to a class of first year biology students at a university … Continue reading

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Dusting off my resume

I got a phone call from my mother because she read in the paper that my old company is starting plans to build a new larger facility close to my home. I am 7 years out of date from any … Continue reading

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Tough lesson to learn…

I think I have pretty much decided that there is something I am supposed to be learning here that I can not learn as long as I keep trying to make friends. I’m actually not depressed or frustrated.  This isn’t … Continue reading

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This other me…this other life

A metamorphic process is underway in me.   It’s something that began 6 years ago…when I stepped out of the treadmill of conventional service-for-pay employment. I’ve been engaged in some online conversation about finding meaningful work when you have many gifts/talents … Continue reading

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Trauma resources

I am about a month and a half shy of my 40th birthday.  The week prior to this day the girls had 7 meltdowns (I counted) and my husband had a full blown panic attack (his first) that I helped … Continue reading

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Narrowing the focus.

I met a woman at the local grocery store whom I’ve never seen before. She was a tall woman with light brown hair and she had 4 young boys in tow – a four-month old, a 2 year old, a … Continue reading

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Maybe not so stuck?

It’s spring break this week and I decided I wanted to do a few projects with the kids, but more than just random, unrelated projects (which we’ve done many of), I wanted to work on a unit study of something … Continue reading

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The most fun forensic DNA lecture I ever gave…

Happened yesterday, to a group of fourth grade students for my friend R’s class. They spent the last couple of weeks talking about forensics. My talk was going to wrap up the unit. Now, having been a forensic DNA expert … Continue reading

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I’m not going to make it to Christmas

I don’t recall the Christmas season ever being quite this exhausting and worrisome to me.  I think it’s because I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. My grandma had a stroke yesterday.  She’s 94 and she’d been experiencing … Continue reading

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