The cost of enriching a child’s education

I’m just curious.  How much money would you spend on enriching your child’s summer with educational summer time experiences?

A few years back, I was able to enroll my daughters into a free day camp for a week at an environmental center where they learned about the environment and recycling and made crafts.

There used to be a summer science camp program headed by two hard-working and dedicated teachers who had two weeks of half-day classes at $100 per child.   Each day they learned something new – rocks and minerals, fossils, the environment, bugs, forensics and they brought in experts from different fields to talk to the kids.   They actually had two different sessions so if you wanted two more weeks of camp, you could spend another $100, for a total of four weeks.  To me, this was a great experience for my daughters and while it cost me $600 to send all three of them, it was well worth it and there was a lot to learn and it kept them busy for part of their summer.

But they took that program away.  The teachers who ran the program didn’t have any say in the matter, they were simply told they couldn’t do it anymore, even though no money came out of the school districts pockets for the program – it was paid for by the attendee’s parents.

I’m looking into programs for this summer and finding them to be really expensive.  There is a Camp Invention program.  It’s an all-day daycamp, but it’s only one week long.  It’s $200 per child.

There’s another camp at an arboretum for $200 per child, one week only.  They have different modules and the kids can learn about bugs, animals, decaying plant matter, conservation, water ecosystems.

This is rather disappointing.

But, I’m not completely undaunted.

I’m planning on filling up their summer with at-home activities.

And I’m going to start collecting ideas and websites, like this one:


If I’m successful in this, I’ll start updating our science blog with our ideas –

The Exploration Station.

What do you do with your children over summer break to keep them learning?  Do you find summer programs reasonable in your area, or cost-prohibitive?

Do you have any inexpensive ideas or interesting websites to gather math or science ideas from?

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One Response to The cost of enriching a child’s education

  1. Suzy says:

    We’ve made plans to visit science labs at the local university in the past. It is a great way to get some math and science in for free!

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