Living History – Civil War Days.

Yesterday, we attended a local historical re-enactment of the Civil War period.  We have gone the past three years and I asked the girls if they still wanted to go this year, and it was a unanimous yes!

I’m glad, because it’s hard to find programs to enrich their education that aren’t cost prohibitive.

Abraham Lincoln giving a speech with Mary Todd Lincoln in the background.
 photo P1210922.jpg

My oldest daughter using a hand printing press to make a bookmark in the print shop.  It took two weeks to produce a paper – one week to collect stories and one week to print the news.

 photo P1210960.jpg

In “honor of the Civil War Sesquicentennial”, we tried to listen to the wartime strategies of Generals Lee, Grant, Custer, Stuart and Sherman.
 photo P1210951.jpg

Littlest daughter was glad she brought a book along.

 photo P1210952.jpg

Union soldiers getting instructions on the upcoming battle.

 photo P1210926.jpg

Confederate soldiers marching.

 photo P1220033.jpg

And the battle begins.

 photo P1220016.jpg

One man down.

 photo P1220018.jpg

We also listened to stories in the schoolhouse.  This one was by an actress portraying Susie Baker King Taylor, the only African American woman to publish a memoir of her Civil War experiences.

I just found a wealth of information regarding her in this pdf for gifted students.  Click on the link if you are interested in learning more about her contributions.

 photo P1210972.jpg

The girls also peeped into a stereograph they had in the permanent museum that they had in one of the buildings.

 photo P1210989.jpg

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