Raising Smart Girls

I’m beginning to really like Linda Kreger Silverman,Ph.D. a prominent name with regards to gifted issues, who wrote a really great article about gifted women called I’m Not Gifted, I’m Just Busy: Unrecognized Giftedness in Women. Let me say that while I’m not an staunch feminist, I do struggle with the issues of finding self-worth through my achievement (and more importantly lack of self-worth from not achieving since becoming a stay-at-home mother).

In this article think I found a new hero for gifted women’s issues in Leta Hollingworth as Wikipedia states, who “was a psychologist who conducted pioneering work on the psychology of women as well as on the education of exceptional children”. Leta was also known to fight for women’s suffrage. In 1915 her husband Harry marched along with her suffrage parades. They wanted to change the prevailing attitudes towards women. Harry fully supported Leta’s fight.

I suppose…

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