Blast from the past…and gifted chat

Ever since the Borders closed down, I’ve been spending more time at the library.  I am now officially glad I am.

Today, I ran into an old friend of mine, someone I dated and worked with almost 20 years ago.  He was in the chemistry department of my lab and I was in microbiology at the time.  He was on the way out, I was on the way in with the girls.  I recognized him immediately, AND, what’s more, I even remembered his name (if you knew me, you’d know I’m a flake when it comes to people’s names). He was someone I hadn’t seen in gosh, 10 years or so, when I ran into him at a store.  So much had changed since then for both of us.

He had time before he had to leave, so he came back inside the library and we talked for a while while the girls did homework and looked at books.  Turns out not only did he get married, he has an almost 8 year old boy.   My middle daughter just turned 8.  I don’t know why, but that just tickled me that we each had a child  the same age.

More than that, his son, a second grader, is in the gifted program at their school.  Bonus! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it difficult it is to find other parents of gifted kidlets?

His second grader is reading at a 7th grade level…just like my oldest was in second grade.  And he likes the TV series Monk.  Which I think is pretty neat.  I remember watching the old mystery programs on TV…like Quincy, M.E. and old Agatha Christie mysteries on PBS.  (Hmm…wonder if the library has them)

It was interesting (and slightly frustrating) to find out that while our district has gifted programs starting in 4th grade (though they might expand it to third grade next year), his school district, the one right next to ours, start the gifted program second grade. This information is good to know because we are thinking of relocating, but I had no idea what gifted programs are out there in other districts.

I have to say I’m disappointed that my daughter had to wait so long to get into the gifted program.  I shouldn’t complain too much, some states don’t even have accommodations for gifted kids in public school.  Our state has decent programs.

His wife wants to write a book for children, and I told him the little bit I knew about writing.   I shared my other blogs with him to show his wife.   We talked about the Young Author’s Conference my oldest daughter attended and the group I led.  He told me that his son attended it as a first grader.  It was good to know that I might be able to get my younger daughter’s involved (I thought our district only allowed third graders but maybe not).

I’m thrilled to have run into him because he seems really, really happy and he seems like a a great father.   His life seems to be really going well.  I liked to hear that.

I am beginning to realize I like genuinely happy people.

I realized I’ve been around unhappy people for far too long.  My family was never happy unless they were complaining about something.

I understand unhappy…I have been there enough times myself.  But I tend to reflect the mood of those around me.

Oftentimes it’s like this (that’s Mr. RSG).  I hate to say it…but parenting our kids isn’t always sunshine.  It’s tough work.  Throw in their perfectionism and sensitivity and children who are keenly adept at finding flaws in our parenting logic and it’s really, really tough.

Mr. RSG…you love it when I smile…but sometimes it’s hard to smile when I see a frowny face on you more than I’d like.  Okay, granted that’s not much of a frowny face…but I think your mustache makes it look more frowny than it is.  Hm…time for a trim, maybe?

What a great chat I had.  It lasted maybe 15 minutes…but it was fantastic.  And yeah, I had to blog about it.   Mr. RSG is in class tonight (massage school) and I am just chomping at the bit to tell someone.

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