Been up to lots

What the smart girls have been up to:

Birthday party at a local planetarium for youngest daughter.



Young Author’s Conference
for oldest daughter. My daughter wrote a story, and I lead a story sharing session. You can read about our adventure with that on my other blog by following the link. What an amazing experience that was.


Middle daughter finished an 8 week chess club session. Finished 5th in points out of 11. Not bad for her first experience with chess. She also lost another tooth.

All three of the girls and Mr. RSG and I participated in a community service project where we stood outside a grocery store with other members of their 4-H club to raise money for the local Humane Society. We collected over $550 dollars in four hours. The most notable part of this was that my formerly selective mute daughter was the most assertive solicitor of donations!

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2 Responses to Been up to lots

  1. Mr. RSG says:

    Don’t forget 1st-year softball season (and the unseasonably-frigid practices)!

    She’s so excited she made me print out about 4 copies of the schedule for G-Ma, previous teachers, classmates…

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Oh, yeah. I forgot. Thanks, hon.


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