Unveiling my new blog

I just thought I’d post my new blog, The Sprightly Writer.  I have decided to split out my intellectually dense post topics to that blog, because I want to keep this one more focused on the smart girls and I think some of the things I want to philosophize about take away from this blog’s focus – which is on giftedness, intensity, selective mutism, and other things related to mothering my smart girls.  Besides there’s some topics I want to discuss that aren’t really appropriate for this blog, like today’s post entitled When Philosophy and Love Don’t Mix and perhaps some more controversial topics pertaining to well…quite honestly, sex –  I’ve been reading a lot of Anais Nin’s diaries and recently finished Lady Chatterley’s Lover.  Not exactly topics appropriate for a family blog.  That blog may not be for the religious/puritanical types, so…well…fair warning.   If that ain’t your cuppa tea, please pass on it.

You might see duplicate posts…or portions of old posts from this blog.  The reason is that I didn’t want a complete transfer of all those posts because I’d lose the wonderful comments (though some day I might try to cut and paste them).

If you feel like it, please check out my other blog.  I could use the traffic.

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2 Responses to Unveiling my new blog

  1. Lisa says:

    Casey, your new blog is wonderful! And an exciting coincidence is that I’m in the process of putting together a Ph.D. program proposal that integrates philosophy, literature, and psychology in the exploration of existentialism. 😀 I love finding others who are on similar wavelengths.

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Lisa –

    Thanks so much!

    That is really fantastic and yes, I love finding others who are on similar wavelengths. Keep me updated on how that’s going. I’d love to see how it gets fleshed out.

    I’ve been thinking I need to keep a closer eye on your blog. There’s lots of inspiration to be found there. 🙂

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