Snowball fight!

First snow of the season.

The girls went out to ‘help’ daddy shovel snow.


They got distracted a little bit by a snowball fight.


Oldest daughter came in after about 15 minutes and threw up.

Second stomach bug of the season.   Blech.

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2 Responses to Snowball fight!

  1. Rick says:

    I miss that (lived in the Midwest for a few years).

    Don’t miss scraping ice, but the snowball fights… those are fun.

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Yeah, its nice for the kids…but I don’t care for it much.

    I wish I could be somewhere warmer. I thought how stupid it was to live here as I was freezing my heinie off last night. Temps have been down to the teens at night.

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