NaNoWriMo update.

7 days into NaNoWriMo.

19 pages and 8,363 words in.

3306 words ‘behind’ schedule.

Oh well.

I write for a while, take too long of a break for research, sometimes goofing off in the process. I got behind because yesterday we had a birthday party for my niece my sister threw. I had to run out to do some shopping for it, and then attend the party. I was glad for the diversion and family time, but it set me back quite a bit.

I try to write in the morning and in the late evening, about 8 pm or so. This way the rest of the time I devote to a little bit of household tasks.

I’m learning alot through the process, since it is semi-autobiographical. Things that happened to me are happening to the protagonist, because I have a dual purpose in mind. I want to understand some events that have happened to me a little better. I’m finding that I’m interpreting events a lot differently now that time has past and the emotional charge of the incidents have dissipated. I’m also finding out that wise words come to me through the re-telling of old stories. My protaganist has a male friend, who is kind of like a Jubal Hershaw character, from Stranger in a Strange Land. The friend is like him in that he is older, wiser, intellectual, and philosophical, but only slightly more so than his junior protege/love interest. In between writing sessions, I consider different options in my head about what the characters would do and say. I came with a whole little dialogue between the two of them, and I had to run and grab a piece of paper to write it down because I didn’t want to miss it.

I actually woke up one morning replaying a scene in my head that I wrote about. It’s kind of strange how the story is becoming a part of my daily thought processes even when I’m not writing. I wonder if that happens to other writers.

But I do get stuck in parts…which is natural. So I take a break for some reading other material. That’s another reason why it’s so slow going because I’m reading those other books, trying to gather a feel for the tone, the flow, how details are handled and some of the emotional tensions or characters play out in those stories. My own writing wouldn’t get slowed down if I didn’t do that…but, that’s kind of the way I roll. I go off on tangents and need to chase rabbits down rabbit holes until I’m satisfied. Then I come back to my writing with a fresh perspective.

Today I just want to rest my mind…and concentrate on some clutter control around here. No doubt about it, unlike my sisters who never pick up a book or write anything other than a grocery list, my house gets a little chaotic real fast.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t in charge of teaching children how to be responsible for cleaning up their own messes. Leading by example surely isn’t working. Because I’m teaching them to be as messy as I am. Yes, I do feel appropriately guilty for that.

It’s not on purpose though. Really.

But I digress.

The characters in my book and in a lot of the books I’m reading lately are a bit eccentric. I also realize I have a particular fascination for eccentric characters. I recently purchased Augusten Burroughs Running with Scissors from the thrift shop and during my breaks from my novel, read it. I also stopped my writing to watch the movie, which oddly enough, made me a little more comfortable about MY childhood. I mean, my childhood was bizarre enough and some people can NOT really believe some of my stories I re-tell (I mean they do, because they know truth is stranger than fiction sometimes), but not THAT bizarre.

I realize my fascination for eccentric people makes me a little…eccentric.

Oh well.

I think I would be a lot farther in my own writing if I would stick to my writing and not these other things. But, it’s hard to keep on when you are at a part in the story that just seems flat and lifeless. And actually, I kind of don’t care if I care to finish in time. I mean, I’d like to, but it’s beside the point. I just want to see how this thing all resolves and find out if I can apply any of the wisdom my character is gaining to my own life.

Anyway…I must resume my de-cluttering duties. And hopefully tonight I’ll resume with the novel and write without pausing. We’ll see how that goes.

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo update.

  1. Spacemom says:

    I’m just a tad ahead of you. Not bad.
    I figure there will be days when 2000 words will flow. I had trouble finishing up my last chapter.

    Skip the research. Just let the characters flow. 🙂
    You can do this!

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    I got up to 11,335 today, so not doing so bad. Hopefully I’ll get back into it tonight. Gotta go get the kids from school, take one to the dentist, then dinner, then…hopefully back on it tonight.

    Yeah, I think the research is done for a while. I’m just kind of stuck as to where to go next. I suppose I ought to think about that a little bit. I have some idea in the long range, but getting from here to there…I need a good transition.

    Good luck with yours too.

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