We were able to visit the newly hatched chicks from M’s third grade classroom yesterday.  It’s one of the small blessings of being a stay-at-home mom who lives so close to the school.   Since I pick the kids up from school every day anyway, it’s easy enough to linger a while after school.  I arranged it with M’s teacher and the girls and I had some fun with the chicks.

And I have to say, I felt famous as I was going through the halls to M’s class shortly after the bell rang.  M’s friends are beginning to know me and a few of the children said, “Look, it’s M’s mom” ” Hi, Mrs X”.  I couldn’t help but smile.

The girls loved the chicks and the chicks were cheeping up the place.  One of them was quite a jumper.



They get the eggs from the local 4-H club, and they incubate them for 2 weeks until they hatch.  This year they didn’t have a good hatching.  Only two in M’s class hatched, and some of the eggs in other classrooms hatched but the chicks had deformities – one whose intestines were born outside it’s body, one who had missing eyes and one that had a missing leg.   That was some sad news.

And, though the kids didn’t seem to notice, I did notice that one of the chicks was missing some down on it’s wing and it was bare bone.  I can’t imagine that’s good, but otherwise the chick seemed healthy.  I sure hope it will be okay.

The chicks will go back to the 4-H families that want them to raise.

M told me that she wants to have a home on a big piece of land so she could have some chickens and a sheep or two.

Well, cool.

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