So…the girls can’t wait for school to start.

8 more days until school starts.

They changed the registration to an online process, rather than in person at the school gym (which was always crowded and chaotic and time-consuming).  The great thing about that is that I didn’t have to fill out endless forms in triplicate, information entered in about one child carried over to the other two with a click of a button.  I registered the girls and paid for their books in my pj’s last night in 15 minutes.  Gotta love it.

We are all excited about it.

The summer was pretty cool for the girls – science camp for M and K, the Colorado trip, and Little Earthlings camp at the environmental center for K and E.

My home server is broken, otherwise I’d share more photos.  All of my photos are stored on the server that I can’t access…unless, hmmm…some of the more recent ones got stored on this computer…

The girls have been spending these last few weeks pretty quietly, doing some light reading, making art, playing board games, playing outside, swimming, playing the new Lego Harry Potter video game, visiting friends and family.

They ‘camped’ outside with their aunt and cousin last Friday in a tent in their backyard.  It was a neat experience for them, but there must have been a mosquito or two in the tent, because they came back all bitten up.

They mostly rested their brains…maybe a little too much.

In the 8 days we have left, I’m going to start organizing and updating the educational stuff we have.  They’ve outgrown some of the games and activities, so, I have to pack them all up, maybe give them away.

One of the things I’m kind of looking forward to is having time without them to start getting projects ready for ‘afterschooling’ them again. Mostly we focus on math and science, because the school has an accelerated reader program and RTI reading groups for advanced readers.

M was reading at a 4th grade reading level at the end of 2nd grade.  K was reading at a 3rd grade level at the end of K.  E’s been reading since she turned 5 in April.

I know they want kids to read through the summer, but for once, we just didn’t go crazy reading this time.  They work really hard with reading during the school year…and so I really didn’t want to keep up the pace during the summer.

It will be interesting to see how they test at the beginning of the year.  Studies show a dip in scores after the summer months if you don’t keep up with reading.  Personally, it’s fine with me.  I think kids need the downtime to get their brains a break.

I’m going to change the focus of my blog…back onto THEM, instead of me just writing about my stuff.

This is going to be an interesting year, with new adjustments for them.

With little E entering full day kindergarten, she will be going from 2 hours in school 3 days a week to 6.5 hours 5 days a week.  She’s the social butterfly of the three of them, so I while I think she might be a little tired, I bet she’ll be excited too.

With middle daughter K, she’s going from half day to full day when she moves into first.  I am interested in finding out how she does, because she gets really cranky after 2.5 hours without eating.  She’ll get one of the earlier lunches, but then she’s going to have a tough time in the afternoon.  I anticipate meltdowns.  Last year I had to bring snacks in the car with me to give to her as soon as she got in the car, because she was so cranky and miserable from being hungry.  Anytime I forgot, she would get really angry with me.

With oldest daughter M, she’s moving into 3rd grade.  This is going to be interesting.  This is the year they start the standardizing testing AND they identify for the merit – aka gifted – program which starts in 4th grade.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

So…with all of them in full day school, I hope they’ll still have time and energy to do fun projects at home.

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2 Responses to So…the girls can’t wait for school to start.

  1. Mom Gail says:

    Don’t forget to focus on you also, not only afterschooling the girls. Remember your plan, put it into effect.

    I love you

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Yes, I will.

    Things are becoming a little more clearer to me. I am starting to clear out the clutter (as the next post talks about).

    I’m feeling a bit more balance. I can give more to them knowing I’ll have time for me too.

    I’m actually kind of excited about doing both.

    I love you too.

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