Nature’s cool

I loved so much the local arboretum that I went to in May that, for our anniversary weekend, I wanted to go back and take Mr. RSG with me.  We celebrate 13 years on July 5th.

Gotta love a man who doesn’t mind carrying a pink backpack.  That’s Tinkerbell, our 9 pound Sheltie following faithfully behind.


I love the trees mirrored in the water.


This time there were no herons.  I was really hoping Mr. RSG would get the pleasure of seeing one.  I’ve seen three in the past few months and he’s never seen any.


I was a little disappointed that we really didn’t capture on camera the cool birds I did last time, but there was so much diversity in the dragonfly population that it really made up for it.





A Monarch butterfly


A Tiger Lily


What really gives me the heeby jeebies now is that on the way home, I noticed Tinkerbell a deer tick in her fur while she was laying on my lap.  I noticed it crawling on her halfway home and asked Mr. RSG to pull over so we could get the tick off her.  Fortunately, it hadn’t attached itself, but it was stuck in her hairs.

I still can’t get over the fact that within a few inches of me was a deer tick.  I’ve been home a few hours and I still have the willies and keep checking my own skin because I keep having phantom itches.

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