Well, things are looking up.

Some good things have happened in the past few days.

1.  I was not rejected for the microbiology job I interviewed last December for the reasons I thought.  I got a phone call from the original woman who called me to interview to let me know she was 1) let go and 2) when it came down to the decision making 2 out of 3 persons on the interview team thought I’d be a good fit, and she said I had a great interview, but the third person, the ‘president’ of the company seemed to think I was too experienced and didn’t want to pay me what I was worth.

2.  I have a coffee date with a new friend on Thursday.

3.  I had an AWESOME time at our friend’s wedding last Friday night and at the ‘after wedding’ party, which included drinking, dancing and a little debauchery with some of our college friends and some new ones.  All of which indicates to me I have NOT forgotten what it’s like to have fun.

4.  I and Mr. RSG were invited to go to a Jimmy Buffet concert with some new friends we’d made at the wedding in August.  Tickets are bought and everything.

5.  I’m going for my first session of individual therapy tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t wait to get started on what I’ve needed for years.

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