Crazy bird lady

Yes, I guess that would be me.

I don’t spend enough time outdoors, because the weather is still pretty goofy here in the midwest. Sometimes warm, sometimes cold, and sometimes wet. But even on crummy days, like today, I try to get outside and watch my birds.

Between yesterday and today, I spent about a hour observing my wild birds in between the rains.

I noticed a few juvenile robins yesterday and one was perched on our fence. I was able to get up real close to take this picture. He was still unsteady with his usage of his wings, presumably a fledgeling, because he did not fly away for about 10 minutes while I snapped photographs of him. I was intrigued.


Amateur bird watcher that I am, at first, I didn’t even realize it was a young robin, but thought it was a different bird with similar markings. But then, I realized it was when I saw his parent come by to drop a tasty worm into its mouth.


Well, duh…of course.

And then I after I got closer to the juvenile robin, I noticed another one on the ground not too far away. I realized then that the nest must be somewhere close by, and that explains why Mr. RSG found half a robin’s egg while mowing the lawn last week. We have a nest under our deck, but after checking it for weeks now, I realize that our Shetland sheepdog must be keeping birds from actually using it again this year.

So I kept looking, and sure enough…I found what I was looking for, the robin’s nest formed at the top of the fenceposts of the house next door.


Crafty little buggers.

I’m rather sad that I missed the eggs…but now that I know there’s a nest there, I will have to keep checking back. Maybe there will be another clutch of eggs laid later this year (I hope).

About the same time, I was able to get some video footage of a Brewer’s blackbird taking a bath in our birdbath – splashing around crazily. It was so much fun.

And today…more bird fun.

There were three American goldfinches (or wild canaries), 2 male and one female, flitting about, chasing each other all around. I watched them a bit, then took some video footage with my digital camera as they flitted about a tree.  Not my tree.  We are tree-less.  There was a tree way back behind our yard, by the nursing home behind us.

Then there were 3 red-winged blackbirds flying about, chasing each other. It was grand.

By the way, our yard needs some serious landscaping.


Some bushes, a tree perhaps…a pond (and I don’t mean the standing water that accumulates by the back fence after a rainfall).

It’s great for the dog and the kids to run around in, but goodness, it’s in serious need of some plant life other than grass and clover and dandelions.

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