Don’t want to be melodramatic…

But this is the view from my friend’s house in Tennessee.


I haven’t heard from him since about 7:00 pm last night. He said his wife and one of his boys were going to evacuate but he was staying behind with the pets and the house. The last I knew was that the water reached the cars and it was starting to rain again.

I’m continuing to keep Papa T in my prayers and I hope he made it okay through the night.  I hope he updates me with some good news soon as there were 11 deaths attributed to the flood down there.

I feel so helpless right about now.

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2 Responses to Don’t want to be melodramatic…

  1. Mom Gail says:

    Hi honey,
    I will lift him up in prayer. I can’t write much now, but I will when I get back. I have to go to Denver for my aunts funeral. will be back tomorrow. Hold on to your faith, at the times when we feel so helpless, that is when faith comes in to calm those fears. I love you, my precious daughter.
    Mom Gail

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Mom Gail.

    I’m sorry about your Aunt. I’ll email and call you in a bit.

    I realize that I’m worried for many reasons…not just about him, but I feel badly for the damage to the home and vehicles. I know it’s just “stuff”, but from a practical perspective, it costs money to clean up and make the home safe from flood damage and removing mold if there is any. It takes time and money and a lot of work to set things right again.

    When we had the big flood a few years back, there were homes that were unlivable because they were too damaged from water and mold. I get upset when I think about how easily that could have been us.

    And the pets…are they okay?

    And his other son? He never said where his older son was.

    And I’m just feeling sensitive right now.

    I have another friend who’s going through some serious marriage difficulties, and my attempts to help them backfired. I now might lose both of them as friends and given the fact that P has been my friend for 21 years, this is really hard.

    I’ve been crying about not having any kind of ability to help anybody at the moment and selfishly worried (probably over-reacting) about losing my friends and I don’t have that many left.

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