O Red Winged Blackbird

O Red Winged Blackbird

How you tease me so.

Flying near

Back and forth over my house

Not sitting still long enough for a photograph.

I chase you from the back

To the front

And the back again.

You swoop down as if you’d partake in a nibble

On the bird feeder.

I am poised for it!

Oh, but you are a clever one!

Showing me your beautiful wing

And touching down oh so briefly.

But not long enough for my fumbling fingers to focus the camera

On you.

You are PROUD with your red and yellow markings,

Too good for a mere mortal like me to capture on camera.

Be off with you then and taunt me no more!

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2 Responses to O Red Winged Blackbird

  1. Mr. RSG says:

    Ah, ’tis as if The Bard were still with us.
    You, my lady, have left me inspired…

    Birdie, Birdie in the sky,
    Why’d you drop that in my eye?
    I’ll be brave and I won’t cry,
    (I sure glad elephants don’t fly!!!)

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    You ARE a frootcake, Mr. RSG.

    (is that an original poem?)

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