The results are in.

All day today I had wondered if E was going to get picked for all day kindergarten. I wasn’t too terribly worried, already having made up my mind to accept whatever the results would be. If she got half day, then we’d save $1800 and we’d have more time together. If she got full day, I’d have time to pursue some of my goals.

I spent most of the day outdoors with the girls and that was probably the best way I could have spent my time. First the two younger ones and I went on a nature walk and found our two neighborhood cardinals again flying about. I took some more photos and a short video clip of one of them singing his song. I wish I could figure out how to upload the video clip. It was cool. Then after they flew away, I practiced whistling the cardinal’s song trying to find them again.

Then the girls rode their bikes with a neighbor friend, while I walked around to our neighbor’s houses to take photos of flowering trees, flowers and some more birds.

I finally got an up close shot of a House Sparrow (with dandelion weed).


This is the inside of a pink tulip



After dinner, the girls and I were asked to go on a park playdate with C and his daughter.  I don’t think we’ve seen them for quite some time.  All four girls had a lot of fun and C and I got to talk about how his daughter and my daughters were getting along in their respective schools. Then he treated all the girls to some frozen yogurt before we left for home. It was really nice to get out and enjoy the unseasonably warm temperature (it was 82 degrees at 7 pm tonight).

I really spent no time worrying about whether or not E would get full day kindergarten. I felt if it was time for things to drastically change, they would, and if not, things would be a little different but not much. While the girls and I were at the park, Mr. RSG was at the high school, awaiting the lottery. On the way home from the park, I called his cell phone to find out.

Turns out…I guess I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do with 32.5 hours a week of “free time”, because my baby’s going to all day K. Out of 74 people who wanted all day K, she was picked 21st out of 40 available spots.

All the girls are excited, but especially little E. She’s going to be having a blast, I think, and I’ll get time to figure out where to do when THEY grow up. I suppose I ought to start looking into the application process for substitute teaching and for taking classes at my old university.

Strangely enough, while Mr. RSG and I took the news with gladness, there were other adults at the lottery tonight that were “hi-fiving” and saying things like “party at MY house”, as if this was HUGE. I suppose, for some, it is.  We just didn’t realize that people were going to be THAT thrilled about it.

I would have been happy to have my baby for a little bit longer with me at home too, if that’s the way the lottery went.  Even though it would have meant holding off on my goals a little bit longer.

As it is, now I’m realizing that I actually have to like, you know, DO something other than complain about struggling because I have no life outside the kids.

But, that’s what this blog is partly for too.

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2 Responses to The results are in.

  1. mom gail says:

    now there is no reason for you not to pursue something for yourself. I’m so happy for E and for you too. I’ll talk to you soon

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Mom Gail,

    Now that I’ll have more time, I’ll have more options, and I’m really looking forward to working on something that is for me, but still complements our family goals and lifestyle and values.

    I’ll call you on you on Friday. I’d like to talk.

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