What we did on spring break.

Not as much as we did last year – which was take the whole family to Indianapolis to the Children’s museum and to the Zoo and then to a dairy farm. But that’s because we are going to take the train trip to Colorado later this year.

We did accomplish a few small things.

We mummified an apple on Tuesday, we made a sugar cube pyramid after we went to a local Children’s museum and to the Lakeshore Learning educational store on Wednesday. I picked up some more math manipulatives for the girls there.

We did go see the Percy Jackson movie on Thursday and spent a small fortune for the privilege to watch the movie and have drinks and popcorn. But, the girl’s enjoyed it and fortunately my almost 5 year old was a) not scared and b) did not fall asleep. And they spent the afternoon running around the house pretending to be characters from the movie so I guess they really enjoyed it.

The biggest thing we did today (Friday) was go get new shoes for my littlest one.

Sadly, my husband had to work this week so he didn’t even get to go with us. But, tomorrow, I hope it will be nice enough weather for all of us to go to th Taltree arboretum. The weather this week has been on the cold side, and while the temperature is supposed to be 55, I’m not sure I’ll believe it, because accuweather.com hasn’t been so accurate lately.

I hope tomorrow it will be nice. I’m dying to get outside and take some nature pictures.

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