Maybe not so stuck?

It’s spring break this week and I decided I wanted to do a few projects with the kids, but more than just random, unrelated projects (which we’ve done many of), I wanted to work on a unit study of something my oldest daughter has been interested in – Egyptian mummies and pyramids. I decided to collect some of our books and an Egyptian pyramid kit I got for her for her birthday, as well as get some ideas for projects from the internet. You can see some of the ideas on this post at The Wonder Years.

Today, we actually started one of the science projects I’ve been wanting to do with the girls for a while, and that is Mummifying an Apple. Tomorrow we are going to either make a pyramid out of sugar cubes, or mummify a barbie doll, if we don’t go to a children’s museum. I also think our next unit study will be to do some things related to Ancient Rome because I plan to take the girls to see Percy Jackson’s The Lightning Thief.

I realized something kind of important tonight. I realize how nice it is to have some sort of plan. When I know where I’m going, I feel really good, calm, and productive and things have a natural way of gaining momentum. And things seem effortless. When I don’t, things start unraveling fast and EVERYTHING seems like a boring chore.

I have felt like I haven’t had a solid goal, a clear purpose. I also realize that I that’s not quite true. I know exactly what I like to do. Science. It’s doubtful I’m ever going to go back to get my master’s degree in it, and I wondered why that was. I think it’s because it’s not where I’m at right now. Partly after reading Steve Pavlina’s 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job and partly from my own experience, I don’t want a traditional scientific lab job anymore because I don’t want to be married to a job, or have a boss that will be upset if I need to take time off for my kids, or have to follow the stricter rules and regulations. I’ve done that. It’s not really worth it to me to be THAT stressed out anymore for the sake of a paycheck.

But, I still have a lot of interest in science. It’s still my passion. Only now I share that knowledge and passion with my kids and I did have such fun teaching that 4th grade class on forensic DNA. I think, in some fashion, that I need to do more of this. It really brings me happiness to teach kids science. I’m thinking of seriously starting a neighborhood science club with my daughter’s friends. I think that would be kind of cool. I am going to approach the teachers of the summer science camp and ask them if they were still interested in having me give a lecture like they said last year. I now have more confidence that I can actually pull it off.

I’m also thinking of some side projects too. I have some ideas percolating and I think some of them might actually be doable. I’m not ready to share them just yet, but I’m getting excited about having some things to look forward to again.

Anyway…I just had to post something GOOD for a change and I hope the momentum keeps up.

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2 Responses to Maybe not so stuck?

  1. Melody says:

    Have you thought of making a bucket list? I was inspired to start one a few months ago and it really has triggered something inside me, a desire to make the changes to guide my life in the ways I want it to go. Could be science related things, or anything at all really. I’ve accomplished two things out of the 90 on the list so far. I got my first tattoo 2 weeks ago, and got dreadlocks this week actually. Many more things in many more categories to go, but putting it in writing seems to make a difference for me.

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Thanks, Melody.

    I should do just that. I have a “homekeeping binder” that I put together a while ago, but got away from using. It has a section in the back for creative ideas. I can put the bucket list there.

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