Again with the friends

I’m beginning to resent my kids being asked for playdates and yet no one EVER asks me to go out. What the hell…I’m really tired of being a non-person because I’m a mother and not working.

I’m hoping and praying my littlest gets all day kindergarten in the fall so I can actually have 6.5 hours to maybe go do something – take some classes, find a part time job, volunteer – so that I can actually have a life again.

Sigh….guess it’s just me and the littlest one for the next few hours. Maybe we’ll go to the bookstore while middle daughter is on her playdate without us.

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6 Responses to Again with the friends

  1. Papa T says:


    My tongue will hate me for it, but I’m gonna bite it . . . for now.

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    It’s probably just as well that you don’t try on this one. I’m feeling crappy enough to reject anyone’s attempt to cheer me up right now.

    My youngest daughter was in tears when I went to pick her up from school when she found out middle daughter got to go to a playdate today. I tried consoling her, but I felt just as rejected.

    Then we went to McD’s and then the bookstore…and filled us up with too many sweets (Shamrock shake, Raspberry Mocha Kiss, and some chocolate treats).

    Then we go to pick up middle daughter and she’s in tears because she has to leave…and this time there was no invitation to linger afterwards…

    Then we get in the car and youngest daughter cries again because she wasn’t invited to stay a little while to play.

    Oh, and guess what will probably happen later when I pick up oldest daughter today. SHE’s going to be upset that middle daughter had a playdate, littlest daughter got to go to the bookstore and SHE had to be in school (I say this with a fair amount of certainty because she usually bemoans the fact they get to have fun while she’s in school).

    So, yeah…as far as I’m concerned…playdates SUCK.

  3. Melody says:

    I contacted you several months ago, excited to find another mother who lived nearby that might be interested in going out for coffee. you had posted wanting to make new friends. However, I never heard back after I emailed introducing myself further. Perhaps you do the same thing to people you meet who offer an interest in friendship, and that is why you don’t get more invitations.

  4. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Melody. I’m sorry, I goofed up. I remember the invitation, but I’d forgotten. I didn’t mean to, I am trying to find out if I even emailed you at all, but I don’t see it in my email box. I’ll keep looking.

    As far as in real life invitations…I could see how that would happen if I did that.

    But honestly, I don’t get the invitations in real life to begin with. I ask some others out, and they say they can’t (for whatever reason). Even people I’ve been friends with for quite some time – life is just TOO busy for them. After a while, I get discouraged.

  5. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Actually, I have been thinking of this lately…

    I just got done telling my husband that I think I have a bit of an sub-conscious self-destructive thing going on. Part of it is from the health problems (finally got diagnosed with thyroiditis) and part of it is a chronic low-grade depression.

    It could be a sub-conscious thing where I’m not ready to make NEW friends knowing I am struggling in this area. So, in some ways, it’s less frightening to just stay friendless than it is moving out of my comfort zone.

    I have 2 friends I talk on the phone quite frequently, and one less frequently. For various reasons, they can’t meet up with me. 2 of them say, “yes, let’s do that” and then they don’t. I do believe the 3rd one WOULD meet up with me if he wasn’t 700 miles away.

  6. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Oh, wow. I finally found the original comment – it was in November. Yikes!

    I’m so sorry. Did I ever email you? Is it too late to start now?

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