So maybe I underestimate the value of play dates

My daughter K was invited to a play date today at a friend’s house from school.  I dropped her off at the girls house and had to run to take youngest daughter E to her kindergarten screening test. I don’t normally drop my daughters off to people’s houses that I don’t know (because I’m a bit of an overprotective mama bear)…but I decided to take a chance that K would be okay.   I didn’t really know this girl’s mother, but I decided to let her go since I already canceled  it once from last week.  The mom seemed nice enough, the house was clean and well ordered, AND I knew how sweet K’s friend was from the Valentine’s day party I was a room mom for.   I also saw how radiant both girls looked when K came over, they hugged and squished each other and I could tell my formerly anxious and selectively mute K would be more than all right.

When E was done with her screening, we went to pick K up. Turns out we stayed for an extra hour, in which time the mother and I chatted. Turns out the mother is a physician – a cardiologist to be exact. I thought…hmm, cool, an intelligent woman I can really talk to. I started to talk about what I used to do for a living and we chatted a while about how combining kids and careers is really tough, a fact she really can relate to.  She said her appointment at the hospital was up in a year and it was time to re-evaluate what direction she wanted to take.  I mentioned how sometimes I feel like I want to teach 8th grade science and she said, “wow, I used to want to teach science too”.

We talked about the distant past, were we grew up.  It turns out she lived one town over from me and went to the same high school, but graduated 2 years earlier.   At some point, I mentioned that I went to my high school reunion. She said, “you went to your reunion?” I said, yeah, I should have gone to my 10th, when I actually was working at a cool career to talk about (the forensic lab), but I didn’t and that I just went to the 20 year reunion because I was really feeling nostalgic and there was only 1 person I really wanted to see (who ended not coming out at all). I said, “I really wanted to see a guy named Bob W…”. She’s like “OMG! Bob’s my BROTHER!!!”   I said, “NO WAY!!!”. She then got up to show me pictures of him up on her wall. Yep…the same Bob I knew and had a bit of a crush on in HS and whom I ended up going on a few dates with in college.

I actually blogged about running into him at an ice cream shop in 2008 on the same day I ran into someone else from my past. I really thought that if I probably was never going to run into him again.   I’m really hoping to have at least one chance to talk with him.    I’m realizing that I’m growing ever more nostalgic for the past,  and I suppose it’s because it’s a milestone year and because of the health concerns I have (which I’ll have to update on another post because I don’t want to on this post).

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