On the health concerns

I did go to my doctor yesterday to talk about my thyroid ultrasound results in person.

I found out that:

1) the endocrinologist said the nodule appeared like the “good” kind not the “bad” kind.

Um…okay…I’m still not waiting 3 months to see if it grows.  The doctor does understand that this is something that is making me scared and I can’t wait.

2) there is a nuclear med test that can be done to further screen the nodule, but the doctor said the endocrinologist thinks it’s a “worthless” test.

Um…okay…my friend who DID have thyroid cancer and surgery and radioactive iodine DID have that test done.  I wonder what scientific evidence they have to make that claim that it’s not worthwhile doing.

Needless to say, I’m getting a second opinion.  I found an endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid nodules at my old university hospital, so I made an appointment.  The fortunate part about it is that while he only sees patients on Mondays (and it would have been highly unlikely I would see him anytime soon), when I called yesterday, I was told someone canceled an appointment for THIS coming Monday.  So I don’t have to wait.   How amazing is that?

3) it appears I have increased vascular activity which is indicative of  (drum roll please)  Hashimoto’s thyroidits – the leading cause of hypothyroidism.

So, I was right.  Man, I am great at diagnosing things.  I should have become a doctor.

I’ll end up being at the university hospital where my mother and 2 sisters already go for their thyroid problems and seem very happy with.  My sister who had her thyroid surgically removed barely has any scar, so if ever I needed surgery, I’d be in good hands there.

Oh, and at the end of the visit, I asked my doctor if I could have some sort of take as you need anti-anxiety med for the death anxiety I have.  She told me that while she could prescribe something, antidepressants would work better, but more importantly, I really would do better to go for behavioral therapy to get to the underlying issues that trigger my anxiety.  If at that point, it was determined I really needed them, I could still get them.  But she really wanted the thought processes behind them treated, not just the symptoms.

So, yeah…I’m thinking the scare I had may be all right, but even if it’s not, I’ll be finding out sooner than later.

Seems like someone is looking out for me (thanks God!).

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