The Mirror – Looking at my Inner Child.

The Mirror – – Looking At My Inner Child

I listen to my Soul whisper,
“Go more deeply still.”
Breathless, with eyes wide open
I leap into the abyss of my hidden childhood feelings:
Resentment, jealousy, rage.
I was the “good little girl,”
It wasn’t safe to make waves.

As I free fall with reckless abandon,
Memories from my childhood fade in, fade out.
My first impulse is to flee from my past.
Dare I enter Pandora’s box,
Exposing myself to the pain I so masterfully concealed?
My Soul beckons me to face my inner demons.
Denial only seems to perpetuate my suffering.

Now I proceed slowly as if walking behind death’s shadow.
The blackened void consumes my every step.
I am alone, separate, terrified, without hope.
Has my Soul tricked me?
Is life simply about living my death?

I must continue on this journey toward Self-Love.
I must seek out the Truth of my Being.
I must follow my passion to know God.
What else can lead me to the peace for which I so yearn?

I gradually surrender to my inner demons.
The presence of peace enfolds me.
As if suspended in a cocoon of grace,
I melt into the sweet ease of the eternal now.

My Soul then presents me with a gift, a mirror.
Gazing into the looking glass,
I am face to face with my frightened inner child.
She sits in a corner, speechless, paralyzed with despair.

Gently my Soul encourages me to be with her.
Tenderly my Soul speaks within the stillness of my Heart.
“Ask of your fear-stricken child:
What have you to teach me?
How can I make you my friend?
How can I free myself from this suffocating pain?”

Sensing my sincerity, my inner child relaxes and replies:
“I can teach you how to Love me if you will listen.
Listen to your Heart, speak from your Heart, trust your Heart.
The Heart is where we feel and hear God’s Love.
I will always be your friend if you just love and honor me.
Promise to never leave me again.
We can face our inner demons together,
Finding our way back home to Love.”

My Soul lovingly continues:
“Embrace her and the feelings of jealousy, rage, and resentment.
Ask her why you have these feelings?
How did you get them and from where did they come?
How can you accept and give gratitude for them?”

With a trusting Heart my inner child proceeds:
“You were not allowed to express sadness or anger as a child.
You had to hide these feelings to protect yourself.
Your mom and dad didn’t always listen to you.
They couldn’t honor your feelings and comfort you.
They had the same problem with their parents.
No one really knew how to listen or care for them.”

“Together we have the courage to feel our feelings.
We can let them go and forgive our parents and ourselves.
We can bless these feelings.
They will teach us how to Love again.
They have brought us back together and opened our Heart.
I am free to be a true child of joy with you.”

Tears of joy overflow,
As I fully embrace my inner child.
Her gift of inner peace has Awakened my sleeping Heart.
Filled with a sense of compassion and Love,
My transformation begins.
I will listen to my Heart, my Soul, my inner child.
I am at peace.

Then my Soul whispers:
“Listen with a loving and compassionate Heart.
All the answers lie within you, Beloved.
Facing your fears and unresolved feelings will set you free.
These are the doorways to your Enlightenment.”

“You are Unconditional Love.
This is the Truth of your Being.
There is nowhere to go and nothing to do.
It is already accomplished.”

“You are the Creator of your life.
Live this message joyously.
Beloved, you are peace!”


With eternal appreciation to Yvonne, my Irish angel, who sent the above poem to me yesterday.

And I found a great song to go along with the message.

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