Well I wasn’t imagining things…

I went in for my annual tune-up yesterday.

I’ve been noticing my neck feeling swollen along the sides.  I have a mother and two sisters (one a year older and one 12 years younger than me) with thyroid problems.  The doctor confirmed my suspicions that my neck, seemed swollen, indeed.   I go for the bloodwork tomorrow with the damn vampires (I mean phlebotomists), with results in a week along with the results of my pap smear and the biopsy of the moles they removed from me today.   I am getting tired of all the poking of sharp instruments into my person…seriously.

I was right about self-diagnosing my rosacea and my ocular rosacea (often misdiagnosed as simple blepheritis), and I’m fairly certain I have thyroid disease too.  I’ve been having many symptoms of hypothyroidism for years.

I’ve long ago decided I didn’t want to live very long…but that was before I had kids.  Now I just hope I live long enough to set them on the right path and they grow up enough to take care of themselves a bit…

I’m going to self-diagnose with Hashimoto’s thyroidits.  I choose that one specifically because in addition to mild depression and fatigue I chronically deal with, but the cold intolerance, and the increased cholesterol levels I had never had before 2 years ago, and the fact that I no longer can take decongestants before bedtime like psueodoepinephrine without my arms going numb.

I’m both relieved my doctor didn’t think I was imagining things, and worried about what’s to come.  I hope it’s easy to fix.   I hope getting treatment will help bring me back some vitality…I feel like I’ve been operating at 50 percent for far too long.

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4 Responses to Well I wasn’t imagining things…

  1. Spacemom says:

    Are you my twin?

    hypothyroidism! Totally. I have it and was diagnosed in 1996 although I had the symptoms since 1993

    a pill a day. Not so bad. Very easy to manage if you stay on top of it….

    it also causes some depression, so be aware that you will feel better once you have the correct metabolism

    • raisingsmartgirls says:

      Hmmm…maybe, Spacemom.

      I hope that if I get this happens to be the case, I think a lot of my physical/emotional issues will improve (I’m hoping anyway).

      I’m hoping that I will feel better. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt “good”.

      Lots of stuff would begin to make sense. Maybe I could have more energy for more projects I want to take on too.

  2. mom gail says:

    Hi Honey,
    Let us know how things turn out. We Love you
    Mom Gail & Dad

  3. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Thanks Mom Gail and Dad. I’ll find out in a week or so. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the TSH comes up normal (because sometimes it does), but then I’ll insist on T3 and T4 test…(and I do have my results from 2 years ago to compare to).

    You’ll know as soon as I do.

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