I can’t wait until tomorrow…

Tomorrow I go to the city to meet with one of my dearest friends I hardly get to see any more. My friend/mentor/father-figure D from my crime lab days. I’ve been waiting oh, about over a year now, to have a face-to-face conversation alone with him (though we’ve had phone contact). He’s been my friend and one of my best supporters for 13 years now. We would take extra long lunches sometimes and spend a few hours having lunch in a local park in Little Italy, or going to Chinatown and having a meal and browse the shops.

Once we’d taken the day off work and go to the Botanic Gardens. Another time we played hooky and caught a showing of Madonna’s version of Evita, and went to the famous German restaurant The Berghoff at Christmastime. Still yet another few times we went to DNA meetings over at the Field Museum of Natural History after museum hours for discussions and some beverages with other scientists doing PCR work. We both considered it very cool to be in the museum after hours.

So many memories, such a deep and enduring friendship.

We’ve lots to talk about tomorrow. Lots of things I’ve learned and things that happened to both of us over the past year to catch up with. I cannot wait to see my friend.

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2 Responses to I can’t wait until tomorrow…

  1. mom gai says:

    I hope things went well with your friend. I love you

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Things went really good with my friend. We chatted for quite a bit of time about the past year…it was good to get some talking out.

    He’s one of those types that is very thoughtful in his responses, so you know his contribution to the conversations are very useful.

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