Starting to network

So, in the past week, I’ve made more strides with trying to build a network of possible work opportunities.  I never did get a call back from the other job pre-interview, so I’m not sure what that was about.  I dragged my heels on it anyway, because mostly I’m not wanting to return to work in the middle of winter, and my littlest one has been sick for the last month or so (and had that head injury too), so I think this is okay.  And, just as it has in the past, the opportunities I turn down or passed over for usually means there is something better coming down the pike.  I’ve never really regretted passing up an opportunity.

Before I had kids, I turned down an opportunity to work for a major biotech company which would have meant a transfer into a colder climate and a lot of airline travel (10-12 trips a year).  Sounded great until I had a panic attack on a plane and haven’t been on one since.  I decided my peace of mind was better served staying on the ground.   In doing so, I ended up getting a job at the University I turned down years before and was able to stay close to my and hubby’s family.

My husband ended up running into someone we knew at the grocery store who works in my old microbiology laboratory, and in talking to him, she gave him her number and said for me to call her up and she’d give me a tour of the lab.    When I called her up, she told me of the people who were still working there 17 years later, who moved on, and the changes that are going to be taking place (they are moving to a new facility).  She also told me that if I were ever interested in coming to go back to work with them, that it wouldn’t be that difficult, that my 5.5 years absence shouldn’t matter and they were really flexible with regards to family life.  So I’m going to schedule a visit next week.

On another front, I am going to a dinner on Thursday night at my old university that’s being hosted by one of the research groups there.  I am still connected to the university through my family, and since my mother had told me that one of the researchers she spoke to had told said to her “tell her to come back” after hearing I worked in genetics for a different laboratory,  I figure it couldn’t hurt to try and get to know people, maybe even get a tour of their new facility and to get people to know my face and maybe something will come of it.

And on still yet another front, one of my longest standing friends asked me to come to his school to give a little talk about forensics.  He’s doing a unit on forensics for his fourth grade class, and he is wanting me to come in and help him out with it.  It should be fun.  I am actually a little excited about that project.  I hope it goes over well.   I think it has the potential to be very cool.

I have about 3 weeks to prepare for it.  Wish me luck.

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