Remind me if I forget…

I have some ideas brewing….

Will be back in the morning to elaborate.

In the meantime, I had to share my girls’ latest artwork.

My 7.5 year old M

This picture shows 4 seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall and she drew it in her Young Rembrandts art class after school.


My 6 year old K

She drew a resting cat with it’s eye opened to peek at the mouse. She also drew this at the Young Rembrandts art class.


My 4.5 year old E – she’s interested in space stuff lately, thanks to They Might be Giants Here Comes Science songs

She’s got the earth, the sun, a meteor shower and Jupiter.


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2 Responses to Remind me if I forget…

  1. mom gail says:

    I’m so glad that you decided to share the girls artwork. I love the thought and imagination they put into it. It does a grannys heart good to see her grandchildren’s masterpieces.

  2. theexplorationstation says:

    Thanks Mom Gail. I was supposed to call you yesterday but I got sidetracked. Did you ever get the pictures I sent you on email a little while ago?

    I’ll let the girls know you liked their art!

    Love you and dad lots!

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