Another ER visit.

Spent the afternoon in the ER today.  Youngest daughter had split her head open on our wooden swingset.   She was swinging on the rope that’s attached to a part of it, and slammed her head into a corner of the wooden post.

The good news was that while it bled some it didn’t bleed as profusely as middle daughter’s forehead gash from last year and it didn’t require stitches.   She was also able to walk around and hold the frozen peas on her head by herself.

The bad news was that it required two staples.

The good news was that we got in and out in an hour and she didn’t have a concussion.

The bad news was that those staples hurt.  A lot.

The good news was that I didn’t cry at all and I wasn’t even shaken up by the whole thing so I was able to think clearly and I didn’t panic.

The bad news was, youngest daughter cried piercing cries for 15 minutes after staples went in.


It’s been a hard week.

And tomorrow we go to Mrs. P’s wake.

It’s going to end hard too.



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4 Responses to Another ER visit.

  1. doctorjohnsmith says:

    Those damn doctors and their staples in the head.

    Why staples??

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Why staples?

    Because they are faster than stitches. Bam!Bam! and it’s over before the kid has a chance to object.

    Though last year on middle daughters forehead gash, they glued it shut.

    I definitely would have preferred glue this time too, but for some reason, they just wanted to do staples.

    I’m sending my husband with her to get them removed because I definitely don’t want to be there for that.

  3. The Lass, Sass says:

    No anea….anoset….stuff that makes you sleep???

  4. raisingsmartgirls says:

    No, sadly, nothing.

    Maybe it was because she was only 4 and they didn’t want to give her any medications.

    I took her home and gave her children’s motrin for the pain. She ended up being okay. My ears bled a while though, because she was screaming right into them.

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