Ah…true wuv

[Copyright 2009 by Casey and RaisingSmartGirls]

Because I know in a few days we will have to share some very bad news with my daughter, I thought I’d share a bit of an excerpt from the novel I’m writing for NaNo. Last night I poured my heart into some happy prose.

This is the scene where Maggie tells George in her living room she had gotten the job offer to train in the crime lab. She recently begun to feel she had affections for him beyond friendship, but thought it was one-sided.

After about a half an hour, she realized she was stalling, not wanting to tell George she was leaving. She excused herself and got up to retrieve the letter. When she returned, she didn’t say anything, but handed him the letter and sat down on the couch and waited silently while he read. She thought she could detect a slight grimace and a furrowed brow that flashed across George’s face, before he brightened up again. He looked directly at her with a beaming smile, and said, “I knew you could do it. I’m so happy for you. But…” George paused, looking uncertain about continuing.

“But what?” Maggie inquired, wondering what was on his mind that seemed to trouble him.

George sighed deeply, clasped his hands together between his knees as he leaned a little forward. He extended his index fingers and began rubbing them together before continuing, “at the same time I’m a little sad.”

Maggie looked surprised, not anticipating this response. Bewildered, she asked, “Really, why?”

“Don’t you have any idea, Maggie?” George inquired emphatically and he shifted anxiously in his chair. George looked at her intensely and waited for a reply.

Maggie shook her head. If she felt a little confused by his expression before,  she now felt a little panicked, not understanding what she was supposed to know.

He looked a little embarrassed and leaped up from his chair and walked over to the window of the living room, shifted the curtain a bit and looked out on the full moon shining brightly against the black sky. She got up to walk over to him. Just as she got there, he turned to her, took her hands in his, and said in a voice thick with emotion, “Because I love you, Maggie… I have always loved you”.

Maggie just stood for a second as she processed what he just said. The floor seemed to evaporate beneath her, and she felt unsteady on her feet. She tried to steady herself and compose her thoughts before replying but found herself mute. To say that she was stunned was an understatement. All Maggie could think of to say was “Oh!”

She looked up into his deep blue eyes and he looked down into her brown ones glittering from the moonlight that filtered through the crushed organza sheers on the window. For an endless moment, they gazed into each other’s eyes. She could see his face slowly descend towards hers. She thought it was a very strange thing indeed and then thought to herself, Is this really happening?

The next thing she knew, she was experiencing the sweetest, the most perfect, and the most tender first kisses she had ever felt. It was at that moment when the greatest first kiss in the entire history of first kisses happened.

And so you have it. True wuv…

(with apologies to the author of The Princess Bride. It happens to be one of our most favorite movies. I don’t know how close in similarity my words are to theirs, but I swear I didn’t plagiarize – on purpose anyway).

The back story on this is that while George is mostly fashioned after my husband, this scene is slightly modified from a very unusual first kiss that happened quite by “accident” between a very close friend of mine and me. We were friends from my senior year of high school, and after one long night of philosophical conversation, the best first kiss I ever experienced happened in the foyer (next to the living room in the above scene) when we were saying our customary goodbyes. The real story was even slightly more romantic, because there was some unexplained blue light coming from who knows where, and a high potential to be very awkward as that person and I both wore glasses. So smooth was the kiss, they never even got in the way. I never did figure out what caused that phenomenon, but I am sure it added to the sensory experience of the moment.

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