Well, wouldja lookit that? Maybe I am a writer after all.

Okay, after a rough night at the halloween party we attended last night where we had a blast and got all of 4 hours of sleep, I’ve been at this novel writing thing for all of 4 hours.  I cranked out my first 1800 hundred words.  I still don’t have a working title, but I do have something that seems interesting to me and to my hubby who looked at my first 2 pages of writing.  I’m now up to 3 and a quarter pages.

Since it’s probably not going to get published, I’m finding it’s way more fun to make it semi-autobiographical.  I find it’s incredibly easy to make up details when most of the premise is based in historical facts of my life.

The interesting thing about it is the ease of which the characters’ names are coming to me. I really thought I’d have a hard time of it. But not really.

And the character of George? I haven’t decided how much of a major player he’s going to be. He’s a blend of my husband and another friend of mine, and my brother in law (who is a cop and actually is the one to get me interested in the forensics job in the first place). I can’t tell if George is going to be Maggie Frances’ love interest or not, but maybe.

Wanna read an excerpt?


“It’s really tough to get in” George explained to Maggie Frances before he took a swig of coffee as they sat face-to-face at a small round table as the scents of freshly brewed coffee emanated around them. “They have a lengthy process – first the application needs to get approved, then you have to get an interview, then the polygraph test, then finally a drug test, of course…”.  His voice trailed off as he looked up from his mug and saw her crestfallen face. He smiled at her and said reassuringly, “But I know you have a good chance at it”.  He proceeded to take a bite into a cream-cheese covered bagel.

Maggie Frances smiled back at him, looking at her dear friend and studying his face as he licked the cream cheese from his lips. His light brown hair was styled in a buzz cut that made him look a few years younger than he was and the skin around his blue eyes creased when he smiled. His nose was slightly too big for his face, but it didn’t detract from it at all, mostly because his winsome smile and his cheerful attitude  made up for it in spades. George was a very good police officer, but an even better friend. He was 2 years older than her, but he had known her since her sophomore year in high school because they were on the debate team together.  They became very close friends over the years. He knew a lot of the pain her family caused her over the years.

She laughed and replied, “Well, I don’t know about that,” and then she drank from her cup of hot chocolate, “but I have to do something. I’m tired of swinging back and forth between sleepwalking through my current job because it’s so uninteresting and being on edge all the time when I’m at home”. Maggie Frances sighed as she swirled her cup, mixing the chocolate collecting at the bottom and remembering all the shouting matches over the years, and the insanity of trying to fix her parents marital problems. She just didn’t have it in her anymore to do it. She needed to focus on her own life and accomplish something more than she was. She felt like she was on a treadmill, sometimes set dreadfully slow, and other times sped up at triple speed.

So what do you think? Be kind in your assessments of it.

I figure…if I make 1600 words a day (about three pages), I could easily make it to 50,000 words by November 30th. I’m already over my daily goal already and it’s not even 3:30. Not too bad I think.

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4 Responses to Well, wouldja lookit that? Maybe I am a writer after all.

  1. Jennaviere says:

    Oooooh! I can’t wait to read more. !!!!

    • raisingsmartgirls says:

      Aw, cool…

      I wasn’t sure how it was going to go over, putting snippets of the novel on the blog. I think it’s coming along pretty good and it seems interesting enough to post. I wasn’t going to make my blog readers suffer if they didn’t want to read it, but now I might just post snippets of it as I go.

      Thanks for the encouragement Jennaviere. You ROCK!

  2. Mom Gail says:

    What I read has got me intrigued and wanting more. You describe George enough to picture in my mind.Keep me updated, and when you’re done, I would love to read it all. May I have a copy for dad and me?

    • raisingsmartgirls says:

      Mom Gail, funny you should mention having a copy. I was actually thinking about that yesterday. Since a lot of it is based in my life, it would give you a fairly good idea of what life was like in the lab back then. Parts of it were fun, exciting, incredibly stressful, full of weird characters – it’s true what they say about truth being stranger than fiction sometimes.

      I’ve decided George is going to be a love interest for Maggie Frances – same as J was for me. It’s going to be a good story, I think.

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