Smart People On Ice

I used to love the movie Real Genius when I was a teenager. I was telling my husband about how sometimes my thoughts are kind of like Jordan’s (except I don’t talk that fast – usually) and I really wished I didn’t need sleep (still do and still go through periods of insomnia, but I get really cranky).

Yes, I’m totally dating myself. I “came of age” in the 80’s.

It was one of the few movies that made me feel it was cool to be smart. [This movie and War Games]

Interestingly enough, according to Wikipeida, Michelle Meyrink (the actress who played Jordan) “and her family were the subjects of an episode of the series Quiet Mind, which focused on their practice of Zen Buddhism”, which makes me wonder if the actress was not far different from the character. Oftentimes, gifted individuals turn to mindfulness and meditation in an attempt to calm the over-activity of the mind.

But as much as that is tantalizing (having a quiet mind once in a while), I hesitate to do it, because I often feel that I’m never alone with the constant stream of consciousness chatter going on in my mind, and therefore, never really lonely.

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