Oh, yeah, about retrieving those childhood memories?

I just read something interesting today from last Sunday’s Parade insert about childhood memories. My husband never heard of Marilyn Vos Savant. I was floored that he didn’t know who she was. So I picked up this week’s Parade from Sunday’s newspaper and proceeded to show him the Ask Marilyn column and discovered something that made me go, “wow”.

I posted earlier this week about wanting to access those early childhood memories, a few days ago, it struck me as highly interesting that I should come across this very question in this week’s Ask Marilyn column in Parade:

Recovering lost memories from childhood was a hot form of psychotherapy about 20 years ago. It fell out of favor when some patients exhibited “false-memory syndrome.” But what about the others? Do many people truly block certain childhood memories, then remember them as adults?
—L.J. Brey, Escondido, Calif.

Some people surely do, but there’s no way to know their number because evidence of the memories seldom exists. What is known now, however, is that false memories—happy or sad, blocked or not—are much more common than anyone had ever realized. They can be formed or triggered by all sorts of innocent catalysts.

Studies that were cleverly designed to plant innocuous incorrect memories in unwitting volunteers have shown that one-third to two-thirds of the participants recalled events that never happened.

Me: (after showing the column to husband): So now do you know who she is?

Him: “No”.

Me: “How could you NOT? She was in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the highest IQ ever”. ( I promise I don’t have IQ envy, really).

Him: (shrugging) “I’ve never read the Parade section of the paper”.

At any rate, I ought to remember that if I ever think about undergoing hypnosis to retrieve those childhood memories, to just save my money.

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