You know I actually do get my act together once in a while

Friday night me and the girls did an experiment – something we haven’t done in a while. They played around with magnets while I demonstrated how to make an electromagnet with a science kit I bought recently. (Man, I wish I had a mom like me growing up – that would have been AWESOME!!!).

I made some yummy chicken divan for dinner last night with a nice black bean, corn and red pepper salad. Today I some whole wheat zucchini-carrot muffins and I’m thinking of making some oatmeal craisin cookies tonight with my youngest daughter while her dad takes her sisters to the Harry Potter Exhibit (I’m sad I’m not going, but for all five of us to go, it would have cost a small fortune).

I need some new recipes though. I’ve come across a few I lost a while back and I’m going to start collecting new ones and getting them together into a binder, kind of like my homekeeping binder I made a while ago.

I actually am a pretty good cook. One nice thing about my mother was that by her having her own catering business and me helping out with it way back when, I learned to appreciate good cooking. While she never directly taught me how to cook, apparently I’ve been around it long enough that I must have picked things up by osmosis. Or maybe it’s just that following a recipe is a lot like following a science experiment method.

I am pretty happy with myself, particularly since I was able to clean up after each step so it wasn’t so overwhelming.

I also got a chance to read a bit of Alisha’s blog On a Silent Sea that gave me something to think about. She’s working through The Artist’s Way (well was before she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl). From her postings, I think it’s something that I could work through so that I might be able to decide what to do with the rest of my life (or at least the next 10 years or so). I love the idea of The Morning Pages. I know the principles are to be used with artistic endeavors, but in reading through some of it, I think that by doing daily stream of consciousness writing, I think I just might be able to tap into what I really want to be doing (and maybe get my occasional bitchiness out there instead of on my blog).

I have lacked a little bit of drive since I came home to SAHM. I lacked direction and I lacked purpose. I think it’s time to change that and figure out where to go from here.

I have a year before my youngest is in kindergarten. I’ve waited 17 years to have the time to really focus on what I want to achieve next. Before now I’ve always kind of made leaps of faith into different job paths. They hadn’t harmed me, but I do know that there was not a lot of time to really listen to what my heart wanted. I had to jump on some of my job opportunities and had little time to transition between jobs (a week between my first and second real job and 3 days between my second and third job).

Contrary to what one might think, I am both a very creative person and a very methodical person. I love to get organized, but I tend to abandon they very organization I set up, causing chaos around me, especially if I pursue to many creative projects without stopping to pick up after myself.

I think it’s time to start employing both – the creativity is needed to figure out what I want to do that I could do while having a family, and the organization is needed to make a plan that would see it through to the end.

I am actually kind of excited about what I’m going to discover along the way.

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