There’s a whole world out there people!

My friend B. was right. We need to spend more time living and less time on the computer talking about living.

  • It’s out there in the real world, not in here inside behind the computer that counts.
  • It’s about experiencing the real “real world” – the sounds, the smells, the sights, the touches, the tastes all around us.
  • It’s not just about “book learning” (or internet searching). It’s about experiencing it fully for yourself.
  • It’s about re-discovering the little kid in all of us and seeing the world for the first time when everything is exciting and brand new.
  • It’s about not being afraid to get up close and personal even though you might get stung.


I did not even use the zoom for this shot, I just stuck my camera as close as I could get, even though I was aware there were other bees visiting the other flowers.

What we miss by not getting out there, taking chances and experiencing things deeply!

I crave sharing these experiences with real life flesh and blood others in my life, but I’m afraid no one stops to smell the flowers and listen to the sounds of nature.  No one ever slows down long enough to take it in.

Note to self – need more nature study photographs.

Second note to self – maybe I should forget book larnin’ and take a photography class.

Third note to self – maybe I should find an amateur nature study club to join.  Hmm…or volunteer at the local arboretum.

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2 Responses to There’s a whole world out there people!

  1. selamooshine says:

    Amazing picture and yes the world is there, but sometimes can be so rough that is safer to visit it through internet.

    And anyway technology is always needed to upload a picture, and then, there you are again sitting in front of the pc.

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Sela –

    Actually, this post was written mainly for myself…as a reminder to get out from behind this computer!

    But, it’s not all bad. I still use it for processing my feelings and uploading pretty photos.


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