What I was helping to photograph today. :(

My baby sister’s kitchen caught fire today. Fortunately, she and her two babies (18 months and three months) got out okay today. The cause of the fire: toast.

She was trying to make toast, but then went to change the baby’s diaper. She heard the smoke alarm go off, figured she burnt the toast, but had no idea she’d find her kitchen on fire.

As I was looking through the 80 photos I took of the damage, I realized there was still her plate, her butter (melted), jelly jar and a glass of cranberry juice poured for herself, hours after the fact, still sitting on the counter where she left them, waiting for their toast companion.

Some things went totally unharmed, like her spices above the stove, and the dishes in the cabinet below – as if nothing happened inches away from them. Other things, like the baby’s medicines were destroyed (he’s got asthma medications and reflux medicines) that were kept in an upper cabinet near the toaster.

I decided to put the picture after the page break.


It was quite a day today. My sister’s young family will be okay and she’s got a lot of support and will live with my mom until the repairs are done and the house is back to normal.

This is just strange because it wasn’t so long ago I wrote about a neighbor’s fire recently (a month and 4 days ago, in fact).

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