Sleepless in the suburbs

I don’t want to be awake right now. I want to be in bed, sleeping comfortably, not thinking about anything but perhaps who I’d like to see in my dreams (I often dream of my friends).

Instead I’m again lying awake, tossing and turning, feeling my fingers and arms go numb (I suspect either a bad pillow or thyroid issues or carpal tunnel acting up).

I am exhausted but can not sleep.  Fortunately I do not also have a headache (those nights are the worst).

Instead I’m thinking about –

  • how I can’t sleep
  • how my throat seems scratchy
  • how a message board I’m a member of “temporarily” closed the gifted child board due to disagreements over seemingly minute issues (it’s not the first Orwellian act to happen there).
  • how I worry I’m not doing enough for my kids
  • how I worry I’m focusing too much on the kids and not doing enough for myself
  • how I miss my friend
  • how I wish I could just wake up my dh to DTD, except it’s way too late and he needs to sleep

I’ve decided I might try blogging my sleepless nights to see if I can’t find a common denominator.

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