True Freedom?

I had opened up my mailbox today to find something really peculiar alongside my usual mail.

It was a red sheet of paper with this message in faded type on it:

Go to work
Send your kids to school
Follow fashion
Act normal
Walk on the pavement
Watch T.V.
Save for your old age
Obey idiotic laws


This is not a sales pitch, nor a religion.
We do not expect anything from you but thought
Whether or not you really think about what freedom means to you
All we ask is that you really think about what freedom means to you.
Then look to the state of the world and ask yourself

Do I feel free?

If you’ve stopped to question authority and instead choose [sic] to blindly follow a system that is set for so many to fail and few to prosper.

Do this and you will be on your way to understanding what freedom truly is.

If your answer is yest please disregard this. However, if your answer is no then please ask yourself why you continue to accept all the crimes of this world. Why?

True Freedom.

Hmm…well there’s some food for thought.

I’ve had some thoughts ever since I read this:

1) Who put this in my mailbox and why?
2) Am I supposed to question authority or am I supposed to follow blindly? I think there’s a typo here. I think I’m supposed to question authority and not follow blindly.
3) I googled the first part of the note (up to the I AM FREE) part and apparently, it’s been seen as graffiti on a church in the UK.
4) This person is preaching to the choir with me. Loyal fan of the X-files and Fox Mulder, I “Trust No One”.
5) I send my kids to school but give them their real education at home after school and on weekends/breaks.

The most interesting thing about this mysterious letter in my mailbox is that I’ve been engaging in some thought-provoking discussions with a friend of mine about similar issues. It’s downright very curious indeed to have come across this now. Very, very curious.

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4 Responses to True Freedom?

  1. Mouse says:

    That’s thought-provoking…

    I often find the comments that people leave me make me pause and ponder, you know, everytime our thoughts take a new and unexpected direction we open up our minds to new possibilities, new discoveries and new vistas.

    Which is, I admit, the main argument in my French essay on whether or not France needs a cultural policy.

  2. Wow, that’s weird!

  3. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Mouse – sorry I didn’t reply. Lots of new possibilities, new discoveries and new vistas to be had when someone makes us consider something we might not have before.

    Still…it was perplexing to find such a thing in my postal box. I was half expecting someone to send a follow-up to it, but nope.

  4. raisingsmartgirls says:


    It was. I normally get bills and junk mail. But there was no stamp, no address, no anything. Just an 8.5 by 11 sheet of red typing paper.

    I really wish I could talk to the person who put it in my box and ask them why they did.

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