Oh, please return our trilobyte!

I came to find out yesterday that one of my oldest daughter’s classmates in her summer science camp possibly took our treasured trilobyte. The teachers asked students to bring something in from home to examine under a microscope, and like last year, we sent the trilobyte in to share with the other children. Only this time, we didn’t get it back.

I came to find out from my daughter’s friend that he saw another classmate take it off the table and not return it. He told the teachers and they searched everywhere for it but didn’t find it. After giving the students a day to return the fossil (if they, indeed, actually took it home), they are sending letters home to the parents.

This trilobyte, other than being a wonderful fossil specimen from millions of years ago, was a gift from a former colleague and dear friend/mentor/father-figure of mine at the crime lab. He is an amateur geologist in his spare time and he sent me some specimens from his collection, including the trilobyte, for my children to enjoy. I am heartbroken that this might be lost to us forever.

The black fossil in the middle of this picture is the trilobyte.

I was going to send in other things from our mineral collection to share with the other children, but I decided not to, having my trust broken.

I’m hoping that it turns up, and that it was lost in the classroom somewhere. Even if a child took it, I hope that they return it. I also hope the teachers don’t punish the child too harshly. I know it was too good of a treasure to not want it for oneself. I blame myself for sending in something that had a lot of historical and sentimental significance.

Wah…Trilo come home!

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