The saddest google search phrase that’s ever hit to my blog

My husband said i am boring

I know why it hit to my blog. One of the top hits is often my post called Damn it! I am a bored housewife. I wrote that about 8 months ago. It’s quite the popular search engine term. I know I’m in plenty good company (or at least, I was. I’m not so bored anymore). I may have been a bored housewife, but I’d take issue with my husband if he ever said such a thing to me.

I don’t know who the author of this google search phrase, but this made my eyes tear up and hurt my heart. Whoever you are, I wish you peace and hope that you will find a way to change this view. I mean, take an honest look if there is any truth to it and remedy that (I’m assuming you are since you are google searching it), and if not I hope Karma comes along and smacks him in the head for saying it.

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