Just stop already

Stop whining for candy (you had some already)

Stop bugging your sisters (you are doing it for no reason)

Stop bugging the puppy (you know she’s sleeping)

Stop screeching loudly my ears can’t take it (not. one. more. minute)

Stop melting down over the bathwater (it’s not that warm, I promise)

Stop asking me for more trail mix (because you only want the m&ms in it)

Stop asking me for an apple, you just had one (oh, that was your sister – sorry, love)

Stop telling me your thirsty (you know where the cups are)

Stop telling me you are bored (I know it’s raining out and there’s no where to go)

Stop assaulting my ears with questions at the same time (one at a time please I’m only one person)

Stop making messes and leaving them (you know we clean up when we are done with things)

I know you 3 girls have needs, but I’m tapped out, on edge, and my sensitivities are flaring high…and it’s only day 2 of summer break.

I love you very much, just please go from me before I scream.

I need just for one day or two to have nobody need anything from me.

I think it’s time to find a weekend retreat alone away from everybody (sorry Mr. RSG, this means you too, love).

I need to have a weekend in a cabin in the woods. Nobody to find me until I’m ready to come home.

I need to take long walks on earthen trails.

I need to see nothing but trees and dirt and leaves and animals.

I need to hear nothing but chirping birds and rushing water.

I need to smell nothing but fresh air and earthy smells.

I need this for me.

I know where I want to go:

Starved Rock State Park

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4 Responses to Just stop already

  1. Spacemom says:

    Can i come with you?

  2. raisingsmartgirls says:

    Oh, yes sure you can come – I know you know what it is like!

    Isn’t that place beautiful? I love the waterfalls so much! I’m going to go in the next two weeks or so (I hope).

  3. joanna says:

    Go! And don’t look back.

    Our summer break officially begins today at noon and I’m scared (and I only have two)! Should we meet in the middle – where would that be? in a lake? – and have a drink together? 🙂

  4. raisingsmartgirls says:

    sounds awesome to me joanna!

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